A lot of people I talk to about starting up their own web based business or blog ask me how hard it is to start their business. They seem to have an inate fear when it comes to starting an LLC or partnership, etc.  I have a former co-worker whom I talk to once or twice a month – we do lunch. Every single time, without fail, he asks me how the “online thing” is going. And every single time, like clockwork, he responds to my answer with “ahhh, I wish I could get something like that going”.

Inevitably I ask him why he hesitates to get started and honestly one of his biggest fears is dealing with the legal aspects of owning a business. What if Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had allowed something as small as a legal document stop them from forming Apple Computer?

OK so what if you aren’t necessarily worried about the legal process but feel that it requires a lawyer and that expense alone is keeping you from making that first big step? I understand completely. While I didn’t use a lawyer myself, I was a bit concerned at first when I opened up my first LLC and the fact is, it was so easy I could hardly believe it. It was even easier to get a tax ID assigned to it once it was formed.

Now I don’t necessarily recommend that everyone just go out on their own and open up a business without the help of an attorney, but there are some great and affordable options if you want the peace of mind that comes with having an experienced attorney assist you in forming your llc, etc.

The other thing you’ll definitely want to consider, especially as you and your business start to build assets, is creating a will or living trust. I won’t tell you which one is best for you, you’ll have to read up a bit and decide that for yourself and your family, but I can recommend a great place to go to take care of all of your legal needs at a very affordable price.

It’s called LegalZoom.com and it really is the next best thing to having a team of lawyers on your side. But it doesn’t cost anywhere near that. And if you’re wondering just what pedigree of legal talent is on hand, check out their About us management page – especially the part about Robert Shapiro being a co-founder. You’ve heard of him right?

OK now for the icing on the cake. Once you set up your LLC with them and get your blog or website up and running – check out their Affiliate program. What better way to make some of your initial investment back then by telling some of your readers about this great way to get started on their dreams? Come to think of it, I know a certain someone who I need to have lunch with and get them started on this today.  Do you?


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