I’ve recently come across an interesting website called Fixya.com. And lest you be concerned, I am not affiliated with them in anyway other than the account I created specifically for the purpose of this review.

Fixya.com is a community where people who need help with just about anything can float a question and “experts” on various subjects, who are also members, can answer them. It’s the mother of all forums in a lot of ways, but there is a nice little “make money” hook to it all which is what makes it so compelling.

From the standpoint of the basic user needing help, you have the option of posting your request for assistance on just about any product you can come up with-even cars! You can also add yours if it’s not already listed. The beauty of this is that even though you might need help in one area, you might find that someone else needs help with another product and you could potentially help them. One for one support, so to speak. This works fine for problems that you are okay with solving in a casual manner, but what if you need or want your support NOW?

Well that is where the premium services come in. The account is always free, but if you want an answer a bit sooner than you can pay a premium to get Fixya “experts” to work the issue. For example, as a consumer who has no idea how to get their kids Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii online, they can go and ask their question on the premium service, and pay for the support. This is where the money making opportunity of Fixya.com comes into play.

Any new member of Fixya.com is able to both ask for help and help others. However, if you really want to make some money on the site it is possible to do this by becoming a Fixya.com expert. To do so, you must first help others with their issues on the free service. Fixya.com has a rating system that also comes into play here. Everyone you help has the ability to rate you and your ability to solve their problem. This rating must reach and be maintained at a minimum level of 70% in order for you to keep your expert status.

So how much can you make? Once you reach expert status in your area of expertise you have the ability to start taking on the premium issues that users post. For every premium issue you solve, you get $6.00 and for every Live Chat issue you work, you get $10.00. If you work a lot of issues you could really make a decent living, right?

Well, maybe. I actually work in technology, as a network engineer in fact. I already get paid to solve issues of a technical nature so I felt like I was a good candidate to give this service a try and, who knows, maybe replace my income with it. However, in a very short time I realized that I was not going to quit my day job anytime soon. Here’s my take:

My biggest problem so far with the site is some of the users make it impossible to work with them. Unfortunately I have to start at the bottom so I can’t yet work any premium issues. And the users requests for assistance are usually very vague. It’s hard to help someone when they barely give you any information to work with. Example: How do I set up my 4 computers on a wireless network? While that seems like a valid question, there are just way too many variables for anyone to answer that easily, so I asked a lot of those questions and posted it up. The original person never wrote back and then some other guy wrote a very simple sentence about the most basic wireless network setup (that wouldn’t have even worked for this person) and they basically took my rating potential away. I wasted my time. I figured that was just a fluke, but then I started reading the forum where the experts post their pet peeves and concerns about the site. While they obviously do make money, it seems that a lot of them are frustrated by other “experts” who have very poor ratings and essentially steal their premium issues out from under them. I have to admit that I don’t fully understand how their payment system works yet since I am not an expert on their site and cannot work premium issues myself yet, however I can say that just working 50 free issues to get to the point where I can be an expert may be tough. So think about that for a second. If I can’t even get 50 in one week then how much earning potential do I really have? Well, for me to quit my day job I would have to work 65 problems per day or about 40 Live Chats per day. Ugh, no thanks, I think I’ll stick to my day job after all.

One more thing. I thought I would find Fixya.com to be a nice distraction for those times where I am a little bored in my own job. IT has a lot of downtime sometimes so I thought working some issues on Fixya.com would help me pass the time. Instead, I resented “working” the issues on there because it felt too much like real work, only I wasn’t getting any benefit from it, only Fixya.com is. It was less than a day of joining the site that I started to feel like it was real work. This is no way for a beach bum to spend his free time, let me tell ya!

So, can you make money on Fixya.com? Yes and it is one of the more legitimate sites if you ask me. I think they do provide a great service to both the consumer who needs help as well as the person willing to help others and get a little extra money in their pockets. But I honestly don’t think it’s for everyone. Even if you’re not in IT. Let’s say you’re an expert mechanic, would you prefer to live chat a complete novice through replacing an alternator? Oh, and would you accept $10 for the trouble?

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